Automated Production Equipment

Sottoriva MR01 - Mini Roll Line

Model Number
Product Features
  • Automatic roll line for production of round rolls, finger rolls, hot dogs, hamburger bun and stamped rolls
  • Lyra divider - fitted with 16kg dough capacity hopper
  • Volumetric dividing at 2000 - 4000 pieces per hour
  • Rounding on divider outfeed belt in 2 separate stages to ensure a good quality round mould
  • Pre rising prover - fabricated from steel, stainless steel cover panels and plexiglass doors
  • Stainless steel swing pockets with 4 removable cups
  • Stamping unit - innovative stamping unit with permits stamping of different shapes and weight ranges from 30-150gms
  • Long loaf and moulding station - compact sheeting unit with 2 rollers separately adjustable
  • Easy adjustment from moulded finger rolls to flattened hamburger buns
  • Tray loading device - retractable belt with step by step movement to ensure correct placement on trays